Crate washer is rough & tough high output machine designed & developed for centralized crate washing. It’s speedy and powerful washing mechanism saves time, labor and maintain world class hygiene. Its big entry height makes the machine capable to wash crates of different heights. Its automatic mechanism makes user friendly. Available in different models to fulfill requirement of every industry. Best choice for Bakery, Slater House, Meat Plant, Fruit Industry, Fish Industry, Vegetable Industry.

  • Rough & Tough high output machine.
  • Fully automatic control makes user friendly.
  • Multi tank makes high output.
  • Clean 200 to 800 crates per Hr.
  • Four side cleaning with powerful jet washers.
  • Standard Rack size 400 x 600 mm.
  • Maintains hygiene as per HACCP compliance.
  • Low water & electricity consumption.
  • Equipped with safety features.

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Base Price Rs.7,50,000/-*