Our AIM is to provide best quality of commercial ware washing equipment on very economical prices for all kind of business and institutes where sparkling clean utensils are needed. We feel proud that we are selling range of products manufactured in India. Range of ware washing includes GLASS WASHER, UNDERCOUNTER DISH WASHER, HOOD TYPE DISH WASHER (TOP HAT DISHWASHER), RACK CONVEYOR DISHWASHER, FLIGHT CONVEYOR DISHWASHER, POT WASHER, CRATE WASHER and POLY CORD SYSTEM.


Purchasing a right washer is very important because it’s an investment for long term. Our team of professionals not only consults but also suggests you to go for the right product that may fulfill your requirements. As per the requirement of your COFFIE SHOP, BAR, OFFICE, INDUSTRY CANTEEN, RESTAURANT, HOTEL, BANQUET, INSTITUTE, KITCHEN and HOSTEL MESS we suggest for the right machine that fits in your budget and fulfils your requirements.

We also design layout to setup for medium duty dishwasher, heavy duty dishwasher along with poly cord system to make the flow of dishes smooth.

Our service team will always be with you all the time.

We carried out the whole installation process with our own team of engineers as per convenience of customer. After installation we provide training and demonstration to the staff. Our engineer provide full support to the customer until they satisfies.

We also offer accessories (dishwashing racks, hand faucet/ pre rinse spray unit), dishwashing chemicals like (concentrated liquid detergent, concentrated liquid rinse and dish washing tablets), AMC & CMC of the machine as per the requirement of customer.



Dishwasher is a device that is used to clean dishes and eating utensils. In commercial dishwasher detergent is mixed with hot water of 65O C and circulated by one or more rotating / fixed arms over the dishes. Once the wash is finished rinsing agent is mixed with fresh hot water of 82O C over the dishes. After the rinse cycle the dishes are dried up using drier (depend upon the option available in machine). Dish washers maintain hygiene and take less time over the manual method of physical scrubbing.


Now days lot of commercial dishwashing machines are available in the market. Under counter dish washer, Hood type dishwasher, rack conveyor dishwasher and flight type dishwasher are more popular.

Consumables used with DISHWASHER


Commercial dishwasher are mainly used in

What is poly cord system?

Poly cord system is specific type of conveyor system that help to carry compartment tray (thalis) from landing area to washing area.

Pot washer

Pot washer is a special type of washer used to wash specific pots. It is designed and manufacture specially on demand. Concept of pot washer is same as dishwasher.

What is Crate washer?

CRATE WASHER is special type of washer that is utilized to wash different type of crates. Crates are mainly used to store things while transport. Till now crates are clean manually but now CRATE WASHER of different model (according to washing speed and chamber) is available. It washes crates at a temperature of 650 C with detergent and rinse them at a temperature of 820 C with fresh water. HYGIENE In this process consumption of water is very less in comparison to manual. Speed of crate washer starts from 200 crates / Hr.

This page is only for the sake of knowledge if you need further detail about any product please contact us.

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