Flight Conveyor Dishwasher is rough & tough high output dishwashing machine designed & developed for centralized dishwashing operations. It’s speedy and powerful washing mechanism saves time, labor, breakage and maintain world class hygiene. Its big entry height makes the machine capable to wash traditional Indian compartment trays (thali) too. Its automatic mechanism makes user friendly. Its powerful washer includes automatic detergent dosing pump and rinse aid injector is ideal for ware washing. Best choice for Centralized washing operations, Hotels, Banquets, Club, Hospital, Hostel mess, training center’s mess and corporate canteens.

  • Rough & Tough high output machine.
  • Fully automatic control makes user friendly.
  • Space savvy compact size
  • Multi tank makes high output.
  • High output during meal shifts.
  • Clean 3000 to 8000 plates per Hr.
  • Pre-Wash, Wash, Rinse and Drying Zones.
  • Maintains hygiene as per HACCP compliance.
  • Low water consumption.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Equipped with safety features.

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Base Price Rs.18,00,000/-*