Glass washer is single button operated fully automatic machine. Its compact size is space savvy and designed for under counter use. Its powerful washing cleans 25 glasses in one minute. Its compact but powerful washer includes detergent dosing pump and rinse aid injector for ideal washing. Best choice for cafe shop, bars and corporate pantries.

  • Fully automatic control makes user friendly.
  • Space savvy compact size adjust any where.
  • Clean 1500 glasses per Hour.
  • Rack size 400 x 400 mm for best use.
  • Big entry height clears large glasses too.
  • Work on single phase.
  • Low power consumption save electricity bill.
  • Low water consumption .
  • Automatic temperature control.
  • Washing capacity 60 Rack/HR
  • Tank capacity 7 Ltr.
  • They are excited about learning new material that, traditionally, would have had a boring connotation connected with it