Rack Conveyor Dishwasher is fully automatic single button operated rough & tough high output machine designed especially for bulk operation. It’s speedy and powerful washing feature save labor and time during meal shift. Big entry height makes the machine capable to wash compartment trays (thali) too. Its powerful washer includes automatic detergent dosing pump and rinse aid injector is ideal for ware washing. Best choice for big Restaurants, Hotels, Banquets, Club, Hospital, Hostel mess, and corporate canteens.

  • Rough & Tough high output machine.
  • Up to 1980 plates in one hour.
  • Fully automatic control makes user friendly
  • Hands free drying to maintain hygiene
  • Highspeed performance 90 rack/ Hr.
  • Rack size 500x 500mm for maximum utilization.
  • Large entry height for compartment trays
  • Low water consumption save water.
  • Zones – Pre wash, Wash, Rinse, Drying
  • Tank capacity 80Ltr.

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