Under counter dishwasher is powerful and compact machine capable to wash glasses as well as dishes too. Its powerful washing cleans 36 glasses /18 plates in one minute. Its compact but powerful washer includes detergent dosing pump and rinse aid injector for ideal washing. Best choice for Cafe shop, Bar, Small Restaurant, Guest House and Corporate Pantries.

  • Fully automatic controls makes user friendly.
  • Space savvy compact size adjust any where.
  • Clean 36 glasses/ 18 plates in one min.
  • High speed performance gives 60 rack/ Hr.
  • Big rack size 500 x 500 mm for maximum utilization.
  • Low power consumption save electricity bill.
  • Low water consumption save water.
  • Automatic temperature control.
  • 2 Wash Program for best results.
  • Tank capacity 25Ltr.

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